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How We Can Work Together

We work with lettings agents in the area to help you let your properties quickly without affecting your fees

Guaranteed Rent West London

We are looking for long term partnerships with a select number of lettings agents in the area.


Partnering with us will provide you with an additional service that you can offer to your clients, providing them with guaranteed rent for up to 5 years, whilst at the same time still paying you your fees and freeing up your time since you no longer need to deal with any tenant or property management issues for the length of the property lease because we take care of that.


Working with us, you will receive the same fees each month as if you were managing the property with the difference being that we are managing the property. In essence, as some agents have told us, we are working for you for free.

The existing agreement you have with your landlord stays in place which protects your interests in letting or managing the property and we would then have an additional agreement with the landlord or yourselves to manage the property for a minimum of 12 months.


We have our own agreements drawn up by our solicitors or we can use your existing agreements. We are flexible with this provided the agreement is appropriate and we will work with you to ensure a quick and smooth let for your landlord.


We can move quickly, often viewing a property the same day it comes on the market and making an offer within 24 hours. In most cases, we offer at the market rent and sometimes even over market rent.

Guaranteed Rent West London

We are experienced landlords ourselves and know what is involved in managing properties and tenants. From leaking taps, blocked toilets, lost keys and more, we have been there and done that.


We have to admit that we are also property fanatics and it is our aim to provide safe and secure accommodation to our clients, to provide a place they can call home.


Whether you are a big, established agent, part of a large nationwide chain, an independent agent or recently establised, we want to work with you in partnership together. We can promise you a mutually beneficial and truly hassle and problem free relationship from the moment we first meet to handing the keys over and beyond.

Get in touch today to find out more and discuss how we can work together.

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