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What We Offer You

Guaranteed Rent

We pay rent in full on our agreed date every month whether the property is let or empty and even if one of our tenants stops paying or falls into arrears. Come rain or shine, nothing effects the rent we pay to you.

No Fees

We do not charge anything to our landlords for the service we provide. People often find this to hard to believe; because we don't operate the same way a lettings agent does our business model is different and not based on fees or commission now or ever.

Professional Tenants

Our target market is working professionals. We guarantee not only the monthly rent on the property but that the condition of the property remains at a high standard too. We have a vested interest in ensuring we accept only the highest calibre tenants into our properties.

Complete Property Management

We offer landlords a complete property management service, from paying rent on time to referencing and interviewing tenants, to carrying out regular property inspections, performing minor repairs and arranging annual safety certificates. We do everything on your behalf to ensure your property is thoroughly looked after.

Long Term Contracts

Our aim is to make managing your property as simple and as hassle free as we possibly can. By offering long term contracts of up to five years, we also offer you the security of fixing your rental income and costs as well as guaranteeing the rent for the entire contract term, giving you total peace of mind.

No Rental Voids

For a fixed period, of usually three or five years, you will have complete peace of mind that regardless of whether your property is tenanted or not, or even if a tenant stops paying rent, you will receive your monthly rental payments on time.

Regular Inspections

We understand just how important it is to keep your property in tip top condition which is why we carry out weekly inspections on the communcal areas and quarterly inspections on the entire property to ensure your property remains in excellent condition.

Utility Bills Paid

From the minute you sign up with us, we will take full responsibility of your property’s utility bills and council tax. Our experienced team will ensure the accounts are transferred to us so that they are no longer your responsibility.

Light Refurbishment

We will carry out a light refurbishment of your property if necessary to make it a safe, modern and inviting property which anyone would love to live in and call their home. Upon viewing your property, we will make a list of the work we recommend is undertaken and then agree what works will be done and when.

One Contact Point

We strongly believe in the personal touch and knowing our clients needs in fine detail. The best way to achieve this is by ensuring that each and every landlord has their own dedicated point of contact. We pride ourselves on operating on a friendly, personal basis. As an owner operated business you will more often than not deal directly with a partner in the business and this ensures you will be looked after to the highest possible standard.

Property Maintenance

We will take care of small repairs and minor maintenance issues at our expense, such as a broken down dishwasher, a leaking tap or broken bath panel. For larger issues, such as structural problems, we will inform you for you to either arrange for tradesmen to attend or to instruct us to deal with it and we will send you the bill.

No Hassle

Our landlords consider us both the perfect tenant and their trusted property managers. Not only do we guarantee monthly rent, long-term contracts and reputable tenants but we also handle the property maintenance, billing management and tenancy management. We are the ideal hassle free and hands free service for busy landlords.

If you like what you’ve read so far, then don’t wait. Fill out our contact form or call us anytime and enjoy hassle free property investing.

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Why Choose Us

We are a personal property management firm specialising solely in residential lettings and property management.


There are lots of agents in the marketplace who offer to manage your property and here at Shared Living London, our Company Director was a landlord and we know how important it is to choose the right company to manage your property.


We are highly focused in customer service and will do whatever we can to meet your needs. Using our years of experience in both the corporate world and the property market our aim is to provide the most professional service possible and to ensure your property is looked after and managed correctly.


We understand that for many landlords they are letting out their own home and as such we treat properties as more than just an investment. For other landlords, they simply do not want the hassle or do not have the time to manage their properties and want a reliable and trustworthy company who will take care of everything on their behalf.

Our Promises To You

We will look after your property like our own.

We will find the most suitable tenant for your property.

We will guarantee your rent for the full period.

We will exceed your expectations.

Are you interested in our service? Find out if your property meets our criteria.

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